Teresa B. - Customer Service Representative

Teresa started at Littleton Respiratory Homecare in January of 2015. Her responsibilities include answering phones, entering orders, and interacting with patients and referral sources. Teresa's favorite part of her job has been the close relationships she has built with patients.

Sylvia B. - Referral Liason

Sylvia Brandel has worked at Littleton Homecare for 22 years while servicing the Clinton, Highland, Fayette County areas and beyond. Her responsibility is as a service representative to both patient and referral customers. Sylvia's favorite part of her job is being part of a team that helps meet the needs of people who would prefer they not need what we do, but are glad we are here to provide both excellent service and equipment to make the reason for their medical situation easier.  

Jackie D. - Respiratory Therapist

Jackie has been a Respiratory Therapist at Littleton Homecare for 21 years. She is responsible for doing CPAP setups, mask fittings, oxygen certifications, and any other breathing related services. When a patient has trouble breathing and difficulty sleeping, Jackie enjoys playing a small part of helping them get through their daily life.

Jenny G. - Customer Service Representative 

Jenny has been a Customer Service Rep with Littleton Respiratory Homecare for 8 years, and has been in the DME business for 14 years. Her favorite part of her job is knowing that we have made a patient's lives a little less complicated by providing them equipment and services.

Willy H. - Delivery Driver

Willy has been a delivery driver at Littleton Respiratory Homecare since 2003. He is responsible for the delivery and setup of equipment, as well as educating the patient on how to use it. Willy loves knowing that he has played a part in the care of each and every patient we serve.

Sarah L. - Billing and Records Management

Sarah Lohrum is responsible for billing and records management; she has been with Littleton Homecare since 2003. While sparring with insurance companies is not always fun, Sarah works to ensure that insurance pays as much as possible toward the final bill for minimum patient financial responsibility. She enjoys the small victories such as successfully appealing insurance denials to obtain payment for previously denied claims.

Jamie L. - Operations Manager

Jamie is the Operations Manager at Littleton Homecare. He is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the company, as well as developing long term strategies. Jamie started working at Littleton's in October of 2014. Jamie's favorite part of his job is knowing that he is part of a business that doing everything they can to help the citizens of the surrounding community.

Doug N. - Patient Care Technician 

Doug has been a Patient Care Tech at Littleton Respiratory Homecare for 14 Years. He is responsible for delivering, setting up, and educating the patient on how to use each piece of equipment. Doug enjoys the fact that after he has left a patient's home, he knows that he has helped to make them more comfortable.