Why is the amount I owe different from the amount I was originally told?


Littleton Respiratory Homecare representatives will check with your insurance, if possible, at the time your order is received.  We give our patients the most current information we have at the time the order is received.  Some insurance companies share electronically whether your deductible has been met, but many do not.  Additionally, the insurance companies do not guarantee that the information they provide to us is accurate. Some durable medical equipment is not covered by insurance; we will inform you if we know that to be the case, but again, the insurance companies do not guarantee that the information they give to us is accurate.  Ultimately, payment for items received is the responsibility of the patient if not covered by insurance.  


Why do I owe a co-payment or deductible?


Your insurance determines the amount that you must pay as a deductible before they will pay on allowed charges. Similarly, they determine the co-payment, or what percentage of the allowable amount is due from you after the deductible is met.  These amounts vary by policy and are out of our control.  The amount you are charged is based on the deductible and co-payment information provided to us by your insurance company when the claims are processed.  Questions regarding your deductible and co-payment percentage should be directed to your insurance company


Can I pay ahead or keep a credit card on file to avoid receiving recurring bills?


Littleton Respiratory Homecare requires a credit card or checking account on file for active rentals. You will still receive a bill and have the ability to pay by other means. If a payment has not been made by the 21st day, your payment on file will be charged.


Will my insurance pay for a lift chair?  


The lift mechanism inside the lift chair is a covered item under most insurance plans if the physician documentation shows medical necessity.  The remaining cost of the chair (other than the mechanism) is always patient responsibility.