Shower Seats

We have a several different styles of shower seats. They range from a simple stool to ones with a arm rails and backs.

Bedside Commodes

Beside commodes can be used for those who may not be mobile enough to walk to the bathroom. They are lightweight, easy to move, and simple to clean. We have a large selection of commodes, including several different styles and features.

Transfer Benches

Transfer benches make transferring in and out of the bathtub safer and more comfortable. There are several different styles of transfer benches, and we are sure to have one that meets your needs.

Toilet Safety

We carry several different types of toilet safety products. Elevated toilet seats allow a person with limited mobility to use the restroom safely and pain free. These come with and without safety handles. We also carry toilet safety frames. These frames allow people to steady themselves as lower and raise themselves from the toilet. 

Grab Bars

We carry a large variety of grab bars, available in multiple sizes and finishes. 

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