Standard Walker

A standard walker is a walking aid characterized by its use of platforms at the bottom of each leg, rather than wheels. While wheels reduce friction and make movement easier, standard walkers tend to provide greater support and stability.

Two Wheeled Walker

A two-wheel walker allows you to place weight on the walker as you move. The legs with wheels allow you to easily push the walker forward, and the legs without wheels prevent the walker from rolling while you're stepping forward.


Rollators are walking aids comprised of a frame and four large wheels. Great for traveling, many models also feature an attachable bag or a built-in seat. Generally, rollators are heavier than standard walkers, but their wheels reduce friction, making them just as easy to move around. We carry a large selection of rollators and are sure to have one to match your needs, as well as your budget.


We offer a variety of accessories to compliment your walker including;

  • Trays
  • Pouches
  • Cup Holders
  • Glides

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